Tight Pants

New Ice Cream Shop in Downtown ICT

Tight Pants

What up! I'm Tight Pants...and yes that's my name.

Hanging with you in the afternoon!

Tight Pants (the person) Facts:
-I always wear tight pants.
-I'm married.
-I'm not good at growing facial hair.
-I'd like to think I'm a coffee snob, but I only drink cold brew.
-I'm originally from Winfield, KS.
-I despise onions.
-I used to play in a metal band.
-I'm a DJ...like with turntables.
-I have the Deathly Hollows tattooed on my arm, and I listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks when I got to bed every night.

Quote to live by: "Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the heart of champions." - Phil (Kicking and Screaming)


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