New Coffee Shop Will Take Over after Mead's Closes

It was announced a while ago that Mead's Corner in downtown Wichita would be closing due to a spike in rent prices. This was sad to hear for multiple reasons: 

Mead's has been a staple in downtown Wichita for long time! I remember driving up from Winfield in high school to either go to a show, play a show with my band, or just hangout at get coffee. My sister worked at Mead's when it just opened, and it was the first coffee shop I went to when I really started getting into coffee. Another reason it's sad is that there's been a lot of cool development in downtown over the last couple of years. I get that with development, prices will go up. But it's so sad to see a business that was on the forefront get pushed out because of something it's helped create. 

I've heard that they may open up in a new location, and I really hope that happens! I wish them the best, and will always support them!

Now the exciting news: 

One of my biggest concerns with Mead's leaving was that the spot would go vacant...or it'd be filled with a business more on the lame side.

I'm very exciting that another coffee shop will be stepping in! Kookabura Coffee, which currently has a coffee cart, will open a brick + mortar shop in the spot!

I had the chance to try some of their cold brew during Riverfest, and I'm a fan!  

Carrie Rengers from the Wichita Eagle has a great article about it all. Find out more about Kookabura, their opening, Mead's and more here

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