Panic! At The Disco in Lawrence!



If you have been following Panic! At The Disco, you know that they have just released new music, a new tour and are doing secret shows at various locations.

And TONIGHT, there will be one near you! Tonight you can see Panic! At The Disco in Lawrence, KS!

Immediately finding out this valuable piece of information, I went into dectective mode. 

Let's examine the 5 W's

Who: Panic! At The Disco...obviously

What: A Secret Show

When: March 30, 2018

Where: ???

Why: Because Panic! At The Disco

After facebook, Twitter, and Reddit stalking fellow Panic! fans the following *information has been brought forth. 

*Information may or may not be factual

We do know the show is somewhere in Lawrence, KS.


Apparently, Nuns were passing out flyers to promote their tour! Which in my opinion, is awesome considering the themes of their songs.


Obvious concert venues such as the Granada, The Bottleneck, and Liberty Hall are leaving us confused and clueless.

And like Amber @YALndulgences, WE NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET A TICKET! When will we know?!?!?!


And some people have amazing siblings that get them the ticket price and show info.


If you or anyone you know has any further information on the whereabouts of the Panic! At The Disco Secret Show, hit me up on Twitter immediately! 

Please & Thank you! 

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