PHOTOS: New Wichita Advanced Learning Library

 You don't have to wait till Saturday to get a close up look at the new Advanced Learning Library, because we have your first look right here!

If you're a lover of books, technology, art, and Reverie Roasters, then this is the place to be! The new library focuses on not just being a library, but an enjoyable learning environment for all ages.

On the main floor of the library, you'll be greeted by a huge screen showcasing all that's happening at the library.

Digital Pavilion
1st Floor of Library

Many of the new features of the library showcase kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning experiences, such as the TEC-Novation Room.

TEC-Novation Room

This room allows for efficient group learning not just for technology, but for the arts as well. With a huge monitor that projects video of the presenter's workstation. It allows for all individuals to get a closer look.  

And the coolest has a 3D printer!

The new library also features an outdoor reading terrace, where people can sit outside and read or enjoy the view of downtown Wichita. The terrace can be rented as a venue space outside of library hours. The patio furniture isn't in place at the moment but will be soon.

Want some sun, without the heat? Large windows all around the building allow for tons of natural light.

The cutest part of the building is the Children's Pavilion. It features a fun-filled environment with a learning garden, a theater for kids, and an interactive floor mat.

The Teen Pavilion includes gaming systems, teen reading materials, movable and collaborative furniture, along with computer stations.

If you're looking for a conference room or a place to hold study/group sessions, they have you covered. Along with single study stations and a Technology Training Center.

Another great feature is the AV Studio! An audio visual enthusiasts' dream! Filled with a green screen, cameras, microphone, and audio editing software and more!

AV Studio

With all this new technology, they did keep the standard library features.  

When you're ready to check-out your books, movies, or music there's a self-checkout kiosk for your convenience. If self-checkout isn't your thing, don't worry there a plenty of people to help! 

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Whether you're entering or exiting, be sure to stop at Reverie Roasters for a coffee or snack. In this library, beverages and snacks are welcome.

Reverie Roasters in Library

Needing a quick read while you enjoy your treats. There's a Short Story Dispenser for that! With 1, 3, and 5 minute reads for yours to keep and other suggestions from that author.

Short Story Dispenser

Be sure to check out the new Advanced Learning Library this Saturday, June 16! Find out all the details here!

You can also sign up to be a part of the Ceremonial Books & More Brigade!

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