'The Sandlot' Prequel Is Happening!


A prequel to The Sandlot has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter and my heart can't handle it!

This iconic movie has approached it's 25th Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with an announcement of a prequel! That's right! We're getting a prequel of The Sandlot!

There are so many questions I have! Like, will it star the original cast? Will it be good? When will it be released? Will there be dogs? Will we see Hercules "The Beast," as a puppy? Will there be smores?

So. Many. Questions.

One thing that does make me feel better about this is the original writer and director are on board. Let's just hope it's much better than the sequel and the other one, which I don't even know what it was.

Check out this interview with the orignal cast 25 years later!

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