Which State Has The Loudest Neighbors?

Article and Study Courtesy of The Waycroft

One of the unquestionable perks about living in a city apartment is the community that’s built around you. Neighbors can become emergency pet-sitters, potluck guests, and even close friends. AtThe Waycroft, we love the neighborly atmosphere made possible by our gorgeous community spaces, including our recently openedrooftop poolarea (complete with social distancing safety precautions, of course!) 

We also know that neighbors can sometimes grate on our nerves a little bit. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or single-family house, one situation that everyone in a moderately dense area can relate to is too much noise coming from the next unit over. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic confined everyone to their homes, it’s safe to say that interruptions from noisy neighbors have increased – or at least we’re noticing them more than ever! We couldn’t help but wonder about who these extra loud folks are, where they live, and the etiquette around quieting them down. So, we decided to conduct a nationwide survey to better understand noisy people who live next door.

In order to gain some insights, we conducted an online survey of 5,510 American adults from all across the country about their noisy neighbor experiences. We asked them to share where and who these noisy neighbors were as well as what interruptive behaviors they had encountered. Finally, we asked them about how they responded to their noisy neighbors to get a better sense of the acceptable etiquette around these behaviors. The survey ran from June 15 to June 22, 2020.

Some of the results were surprising, some were infuriating, and others were downright hilarious! Read on to discover what we found.

Diving into Loud Neighbor Behavior

After understanding the regions where noisy neighbors were the most prevalent, we wanted to get a better understanding of the households where these noisy behaviors were happening. 


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