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This was my first year trying out for American Ninja Warrior, and I was lucky enough to get the call and compete in the Minneapolis Qualifier.

The episode aired last night (Monday 7/9) on NBCAlthough my run didn't get shown, I have no complaints! It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

You can see some photos below:

Appreciate everyone who’s been encouraging me and asking for updates about ANW. My run didn’t make the cut tonight, but honestly I’m fine with it. Plenty I need to work on physically, mentally, and spiritually. You better believe I’m already training for next year. I went out on the 3rd obstacle. Here’s some very low quality photos to (kinda) see what you missed. #TightPantsNinja

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The day before the episode aired was a special day for me, Heart Day. Heart Day is the anniversary of my last open heart surgery, I've had four of them! I've never talked much about my heart problems on the radio, not because I don't want to share my experience...but honestly, it's not really something you can explain in 10 seconds, haha! I recently posted on my Instagram and Facebook about heart day, and it was really cool seeing so many amazing responses from friends all across the country. 

Today marks 9 years since my fourth heart surgery. I really don’t have anything inspirational to say...but I just can’t believe it’s been this long since my last. I can’t believe I got to compete this year on @ninjawarrior. I can’t believe I couldn’t do a pull-up when I first started training. I can’t believe 9 years ago I had to stop playing sports, and about a month ago my cardiologist cleared me for #ANW. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Don’t let anything hold you back. Happy Heart Day (7/8/18) ❤️

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American Ninja Warrior is all about overcoming obstacles. Obviously on the course, but in real life too. The show is fantastic at telling these stories. Although I didn't get to tell mine this year on the actual show, you can get to know me a little more with my submission video for Season 10!

...and yes, training for season 11 is underway!

#ANW10 Minneapolis episode airs next Monday! Sorry @chrismjones1994 😬 I found a cuter training partner 📺 7/9 - 7p - @nbc @ninjawarrior @anwnation #ninjawarrior #americanninjawarrior #ocr #obstaclecourse

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You can check out the full Minneapolis course, courtesy of Jake Murray tearing it to shredz.

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