Smells Like Nirvana

Event: Smells Like Nirvana with Kings of the Fallen, For The Birds

Date: January 19

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: The Cotillion

Tickets: $15 Advance; $20 Day of Show

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Smells Like Nirvana is a true to life recreation of the legendary sounds of Nirvana and the late great 90's singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain. Nirvana is known to this day as being one of the biggest bands from the Seattle Grunge movements in the early 90's, so come and celebrate their music at the Cotillion Ballroom on January 19th featuring musician's singer Paul Wandtke (ex Trivium, Bedlem), bassist Tony Martino (ex Local H, ex Hairbangers Ball) and drummer Nick Shabatura. This is a tribute night that you do not want to miss if you are a real big fan of NIRVANA because their live tribute to Nirvana is a haunting episode of grunge filled angst and rock prowess played without click tracks or backing tracks a trait that is rare in today’s contemporary musical landscape, a trait and philosophy that Nirvana lived by.


Kings Of The Fallen are from Wichita KS. Playing hard rock covers and some great original Rock made up of former members of Shyner, Wolfgang, Rumblefish


For The Birds hails from a small town south of Wichita, KS in the heart of America.

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