Wichita Highlighted Again for How Cool We Are!

photo via Visit Wichita

Thrillist Travel writer, Bruce Northam, visited Wichita and named it the coolest city in America. And he's from New York so that's saying a lot. However, he claims we don't realize how cool we are, yet.

Over the past few years, the ICT has become extremely attractive to millennials and younger crowds. With bars, art galleries, shops, awesome restaurants, and fun things to do downtown more and more people are wanting to move to or stay in Wichita and raise families here.

We stick out even more with the NCAA tournament coming to town this weekend. Especially after Mizzou and Seton Hall players recently saying that "there's nothing to do in Wichita." We guess what, guys? We're about to prove you wrong. There are so many pop-up bars showing up, big parties, and our famous Delano St Patrick's Day Parade planned for this major weekend.

While in town, Northam visited places like Central Standard Brewing, The Donut Whole, Aero Plains Brewing, Vortex Music Festival, Wichita Brewing Co & Pizzeria, Piatto Pizzeria, The Anchor, and so much more. 

He gives rave reviews of all places and says that there's no other town in America who is as obsessed with their town flag as we are, which I agree with 100%.

You can read Northam's article and see his exact thoughts on our awesome city here.

What are your favorite places in the ICT? Let us know!

Here are some Instagram posts showing off our city -

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