Third Thursdays

Come join us for Third Thursdays at The Crown! A concert series featuring local and regional artists, presented by The Crown Uptown Theatre. For our first iteration, come see Team Tremolo, Old News, The Cavves, and Finer Spirit. An all-ages event! 

Date: Thursday, April 19

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: The Crown Uptown Theatre

4/19 Lineup: 

Team Tremolo - Shoegaze with a flavor of its own. Thundering drums and boneshaking guitars support eerie, contemplative vocals creating a lush, darkly hued atmosphere. For fans of Failure, Sleep, and atmospheric hard rock. 

Old News - Indie-rock with odd time, emo vibes. Slinky guitar lines and interwoven trumpet parts float over the top of syncopated, odd-ball drum and bass grooves. For fans of Delta Sleep, Look Mexico, and mathrock/emo. 

The Cavves - Indie with a tilt towards surf-rock. Catchy, infectious vocal melodies weave their way through a fun, bubbly wall of guitars. For fans of A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Beach Boys, and undeniably fun indie-rock. 

Finer Spirit - Indie pop with strong 80's and 90's roots. Cascading guitars and keys come together with an expressive, finely tuned rhythm section, amalgamating into lush, reverberated textures. For fans of New Radicals, The Night Game, and 80's vibed indie rock.

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