NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: What You Should Listen To (6/29)

Florence + The Machine: High As Hope

The follow up to 2015's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. After hearing "Hunger" I was so excited for this new album, and it's finally here!

Florence + The Machine: High As Hope

Gorillaz: The Now Now

7 years passed between Gorillaz' Plastic Beach and Humanz, but now they're making up for the long gap! After the release of Humanz, Damon Albarn mentioned that he had music ready for another album; the virtual band is back with The Now Now, about a year after the last release. I know some fans weren't big on the sound change with the last album; Humanz was very electronic and packed with features. The Gorillaz are always changing, so I don't want to say they're returning to their sound...but I feel that fans will be more geared to the new album.

Gorillaz: The Now Now

lovelytheband Announce Debut Album

First of all, if you haven't listend to their EP...go do that, because it is nothing but bangers. I'll be waiting...

After listening to the EP, I'll assume that you are now properly hype for the debut full length!

lovelytheband announced their debut, finding it hard to smile, will be out August 3rd. 


This now tops my list for "most anticipated albums of 2018"

Check out their brand new song "alone time" below.



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