Doo-Dah Discovery: Week of 7/23


This Week: Be Caller #10 and correctly name the Doo-Dah Discovery song of the day for your shot to win tickets to see Band of Horses at The Cotillion!

Listen for the cue-to-call immediately after the discovery song each day.

Band of Horses

Monday (7/23/18): Superorganism - Something For Your M.I.N.D.

Tuesday (7/25/18): St. Lucia - A Brighter Love

Wednesday (7/26/18): The Hunna - New York to LA

So...if you listened live you already know, I had a little misshap trying to play this song. For some reason, the song was mixed up in our system and what was labled "The Hunna - New York to LA" was actually a Deftones song. Hopefully, you enjoyed The Deftones...but this is the song I meant to play, lol. I may (actually) featured it next week.

Thursday (7/26/18): YUNGBLUD - Medication

Friday (7/27/18): Band of Horses - Casual Party

Send us your feedback and your favorites!!

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