JOB SEEKERS: The Planters Nutmobile has openings for drivers.

First, my on-air offer is serious. If youre looking for help with openings in DFW, hit me up!

Ive been saving links & screenshots when I see them in social groups.

Now...lets talk labor-of-love jobs! Theyre a rare unicorn. And if you can snatch & grab one, I highly recommend it.

Not only is Planters Peanuts looking for a NutMobile Driver, but here's an extra-added bonus (at no extra cost to you, the consumer): there's also an opening to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Just try these on for size as a response to "so, what do you do for living?":

"I drive the Nutmobile for a living!" -or- "I drive the Weinermobile!"

Youre welcome.

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