The best weekends are the ones you share with friends doing things you all enjoy. Like going to concert and experiencing some great live music. This Saturday Night, Oct. 13, experience some of the best local acts in Wichita. Old News is hosting a concert at The Back Beat at Midwest Drum. The show features local band After Judo and KC natives, MESS.  This is a FREE all ages show. 

Take a break from binge watching that series

DM the squad and let them know there are actually things to do in this city

Go to the bars a little later 

And support the local music scene.   


Old News is an Kansas based Math-Rock back. In the Facebook event page they also describe their music and live performances as "Biting, agile, often unorthodox". After returning from their tour earlier this year, the band is working on creating new music.   


The band formed "organically" after a few of the members began practicing music together after a judo class at night. In a recent interview with The Sunflower, Joe Hagan, vocalist and guitar, describes their unique genre. 

“'We have happy acoustic chords with hard drums and some jazz soloing,' Hagen said.......It’s a mixture of everything. That’s what alternative is.”  


Mess delivers swollen and orchestral indie-rock paired with a voice that is emotionally harrowing by way of subtlety. It’s often a quiet kind of hurt that doesn’t fill the room with a thunderous roar or vivid color, opting instead to fill the room with dense fog and tension that can be felt across the globe. The sting that radiates from Gliesman’s vocals feels like it’s been forced through the cracks in permanently clenched teeth.

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