Downtown Wichita's New Venue Opens This Weekend

We all used to say "I hate this town", "Get me out of Wichita", "There is nothing here" 

If you say that now, you look like a crazy person. There is so many things happening in the city so quickly that it is hard to keep up. But it won't last if YOU don't show up. 

Another great addition that will shake things up, is happening downtown this weekend. WAVE is hosting their Grand Opening Celebration all day this Friday October 19th at their 650 E 2nd St Wichita, Kansas in Downtown Wichita 

This show has ****NO COVER****

As described on their Facebook Page 


"WAVE will be a social oasis and multimedia venue in Downtown Wichita. The perfect hybrid of a major event space and your favorite neighborhood bar, WAVE will welcome eclectic crowds of 500-3,300 people for concerts, yard games, and everyday relaxation in our indoor-outdoor space. Surrender to the all-season backyard vibes with live music, rotating food trucks, comfortable lounge areas and a fine selection of craft beers. Whether you’re kicking back under a sunny sky or a full moon, WAVE’s atmosphere is unforgettable. "

This Event features some of the best musical acts this city could find! 


Outdoor Stage 

 5:00 PM - Rudy Love Jr.  

6:15 PM - Sunshine Trucking  

7:30 PM - A Squared  

8:45 PM - Team Tremolo 

9:45 PM - Kill Vargas  

11:00 PM - Spirit of the Stairs

Indoor Stage  

Start Set 11:30 AM - Jeremy Spring  

12:45 PM - Sterling Gray  

4:00 PM - Susan Mayo Ensemble  

5:45 PM - Bellafonte 

6:55 PM - Dude Villain  

7:15 PM - Junior Retreat  

8:15 PM - Death Cow 

9:15 PM - Party Fridge 

10:30 PM - The Cavves 

12:00 AM - Cleme  

12:30 AM - DJ Injun Truble, DJ Carbon, DJ E 

Food Trucks, Live Music, Free Admission, and A energetic vibe that you, friends, and family can enjoy. Events like these are why I love being apart of the #ICT

If Friday isn't enough for you...The Prairieland Beer and Music Festival is happening on Saturday!

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