Native Noise: 1/20/19

Another exciting weekend for Native Noise. The bands and artist on this lineup prove that Wichita’s music scene is severely underrated. Enjoy this week’s episode of Native Noise and be sure to share with your friends!



Tribute show to Nirvana and late front man, Kurt Cobain. Show is at the Cotillion starting at 8pm-11pm. Drive careful please! 

$15 online and $20 at the door. 

An evening of storytelling with Jenny Wood and Joey Henry & Dirty Sunshine Club at Barleycorns. $5 for tickets online or in person.

Finer Spirit, Kaybara and Afro Jim will be at the Elbow Room, Saturday. The show is 21+ so have your I.d’s ready! Cuz it will get cold if we are all waiting in line. Show start at 9pm. 

Native Noise is live every Sunday night at 10p, but you can also subscribe to the Native Noise ICT podcast to listen and replay each week's episode anytime

 This week’s Native Noise playlist included:

1. Old News - Tangled Up 

2. The Cavves - Varsity

3. After Judo - Tired Sundays

4. Jenny Wood - I Can Relate 

5. For The Birds - Living This Way 

6. Kapybara - Red Flag 

7. NGNK - Harmony 

8. Crusoe - Go and Get It

 9. Abandon Kansas - You + Me + The Radio 

10. The Greeting Committee - Don't Go 

11. Sutphin - Soft Spoken 

12. Afro Jim - Always Waiting 

13. Eric Freel - Life Is Better  

If you make music, we want to hear it! Submit your material to us by sending an email to: 

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